Campbelltown Hobbies Night Series

The Campbelltown Hobbies night series is our premiere club level racing series at Sydney RC Car Club. Starting at the beginning of January and running until the end of April we have 7 rounds of racing action that take place under lights on a Saturday Night. Points are awarded to drivers across both 2wd and 4wd buggy classes with bonus points on offer to all drivers!

How does it work?

  • 50 points – overall winner
  • 48 points – 2nd place overall
  • 47 points – 3rd place overall
  • Each place after the 3rd place is awarded one less point down to 50th place.
  • 10 points for competing in a race meeting (all points count, not dropped even if that round is one of the lowest for a driver).
  • 1 point for top qualifier
  • 1 point for hot lap (fastest lap of the night)

The best 5 results for each driver are added together to calculate their total points for the series.

Yearly Results

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