Track Usage

The SRCCC track at Blenheim Park is open almost all of the time to members and also to the public. Anyone can use the facility provided they are respectful and follow all the rules. Please keep in mind the track is built, maintained, and funded entirely by the club and its members who are all hard working volunteers.


  • 1/10 scale electric RC cars only – This means no 1/8 scale (or larger) vehicles, and no nitro/petrol powered vehicles.
  • No bikes, scooters, segways, or any other type of vehicle that is not a 1/10 scale electric RC car. These things all cause significant damage to the track.
  • Do not use the track if it is wet – The surface gets very soft and slippery after it has rained and is far too dangerous and easily damaged to be used.

Track Closures

The only times the club will close the track are:

  • After is has rained and the surface is too wet to be used safely.
  • When the club is preparing the track for a race meeting (usually 2-3 days prior)
  • When there is track work and maintenance being done.

All other times the track shall remain open, please refer to the Track Status on the Home Page.

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