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For our 2023 Membership we are utilising a new software, that covers membership and race day registrations. And the best part is it’s an Aussie made and operated program.

You can create a profile for your kids within your own profile, to make family sign-ups super easy!

You can keep all your cars saved in your profile, so you never have to remember your transponder number again!

Please read the instructions below to set up your account and register as a member of Sydney RC Car Club in 2023! There are some important notes that have been highlighted below. If you are completing a family membership please ensure you have set up all the profiles as listed below.

To setup your account follow this link here:

Note: you need to setup your car(s) to be able to register for a race.

  1. Got to the “My Vehicles” tab to add your cars.

To complete the membership for 2023, follow this link and click “Become a member”:

For Family membership please note the following:

  1. To add family members to your profile, click the “My Racers” tab in your profile and add as many as you want using the “Add Racer” button
  2. Go to the club page, which you can find by going to the “Clubs” tab in your main profile
  3. When you click “Become a member” on the club page for membership, you can then select which racer on your profile you are signing up. For family membership, select all the family members you are signing up. You will only be charged once for the family membership.
  4. If you happen to miss any family members you can add additional members. Click the desired Family member using the “Select Racer” Tab at the top of the web page. Then click “Add to membership” and select the desired racer profile and confirm by clicking “Pay At Track” to not be charged. (Note: This step will only work if you have a family membership already linked to your account.)
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