Campbelltown Hobbies Night Series 2022

2WD Open Buggy

4WD Open Buggy

Note: Juniors are denoted with grey background and white text.

Points System

The following points system is used for the series.

  • 50 points – overall winner
  • 48 points – 2nd place overall
  • 47 points – 3rd place overall
  • Each place after the 3rd place is awarded one less point down to 50th place.
  • 10 points for competing in a race meeting (all points count, not dropped even if that round is one of the lowest for a driver).
  • 1 point for top qualifier
  • 1 point for hot lap (fastest lap of the night)

The best 5 results for each driver are added together to calculate their total points for the series. Note, due to 3 washed out rounds, we used each driver’s best 3 results to calculate their series points total.

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