Ryde Cup Chilly Bowl

It’s that time of year again, time for the 2022 Ryde Cup!

This is our major club event for the year, where we shake up the race format a bit to make for some exciting racing.

Last year we went for a supercars style sprint race format. One qualifier, with one final, but we did it four times! Check out our event wrap from last year. This year, however, we have something different in mind.


Here at SRCCC we are fans of speedway racing. The short qualifying and maximised racing format is exciting to watch, and is very popular within Australia. Our event name come from the Chilli Bowl, which is a large speedway event in the US, that draws some of the sports best drivers. So we have played on this title for our RC race!

So what is our format?

Well, here is a rundown:


  • Single session 10 minutes in length run on Saturday afternoon.
  • Best 5 laps averaged (non-consecutive) will determine position
  • Qualifying will set see the grids for the three heat races 

Heat Races

  • The bulk of this format will be racing
  • Grid Positions will be determined based on your qualifying time

For example, a 4-heat grid layout would look like this:


Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3 Heat 4
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
5th 6th 7th 8th
9th 10th 11th 12th
13th 14th 15th 16th
17th 18th 19th 20th
21st 22nd 23rd 24th
25th 26th 27th 28th
29th 30th 31st 32nd
33rd 34th 35th 36th
37th 38th 39th 40th
41st 42nd 43rd 44th
45th 46th 47th 48th
  • This means qualifying is only for an advantage for grid position in the heats, and not the deciding factor in the race meeting
  • Points are given in the same way (1 for 1st, 2 for 2nd etc)
  • The best 2 points from each heat, plus the next 2 best on points overall (fastest time tie breaker) then go directly into the A-main

Last Chance Qualifier

  • The next best 12 drivers (position 11 through 22) will then race a 5min “Last Chance Qualifier”,
  • The top 2 drivers move through to the 11th and 12th place in the A-main.
  • This gives priority to the most consistent drivers, and also gives more people a shot at making the A-main through the LCQ.

Top 10 Shootout

  • Top 10 shootout to determine the starting positions for drivers who qualify directly into the A-main
  • One warm up lap
  • Three timed laps
  • Fastest lap used for final result


  • Maximum of 12 drivers per final
  • Triple A-main format, best 2-of-3 to count
  • Double Lower finals, best race to count
  • 5 min race length.
  • 1 warm-up lap, 5 mins & final laps

Ryde Cup Chilly Bowl Champions

  • On the completion of all of the finals, the points will be tallied and the driver with the best points from the Triple A mains will be the champion of that class.
  • Overall Championship will be determined by Combine points from 2wd and 4wd classes.

General Info

Classes Offered will be:

Class Motor & ESC Requirements
2wd Junior Stock Buggy 17.5 Approved BL Motors & Approved ESC
2wd Open Buggy Approved BL Motors & Approved ESC
4wd Open Buggy Approved BL Motors & Approved ESC
540 Buggy 540 Johnson ‘Silver Can’ Motor


The event is OPEN TYRE for all buggy classes with the exception of 540 Buggy. Any brand, compound, pattern or insert is allowed for all other Buggy Classes. Modifying inserts, tyre prep and the use of warmers will all be permitted in the buggy classes.

The following applies to the 540 Buggy class only:

540 Buggy will be run as a control tyre class, however. Both 2wd and 4wd cars are allowed in this class, with 2wd being preferred, particularly for experienced drivers. Failure to use the correct tyre and insert for this class will result in disqualification. Details of the tyres are below.


Rear Tyre Proline Holeshot 2.0

Open Cell Insert

Compound M3 Soft

SKU: 8206-02

2wd Front Tyre Proline Rib

Open Cell Insert

Compound M3 Soft

SKU: 8175-02

4wd Front Tyre Proline Holeshot 2.0

Open Cell Insert

Compound M3 Soft

SKU: 8207-02

This is sure to be an event not to miss, so get your entry in!



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